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This template was imported from commons:Template:en to handle language issues that English Taswin does not face. It is used on files from Commons or files preparing to be moved to Commons.


  • {{En|English translation}} produces English:  English translation
  • {{En|1=English translation with links}} produces English:  English translation with links
  • {{En}} produces English:  {{{1}}} (incorrect usage)

Transclusion error

If this template is used outside of File: namespace, it produces the following error:

Transclusion error: {{En}} is only for use in File namespace. Use {{lang-en}} or {{en icon}} instead.

To fix this error, uses of {{En}} without parameters should usually be replaced by {{En icon}} (or just the language name) and uses with a parameter by {{Lang-en}}. In a cite, to fix |language={{En}} simply remove the curly braces to leave |language=en.

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