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The Acceptable use policy and the Miraheze Terms of Service shall govern the allowed content on ISTP COMPUTING (this wiki). Content may be removed by an administrator or the owner exercising their powers under the content review policy to enforce the provisions set fourth in this policy. By submitting content to this wiki, you hereby agree to the terms and conditions set fourth in the Acceptable use policy (this policy) and to the other policies governing the content and conduct on this wiki.

I Relevance

Any content posted to ISTP Computing (this wiki) must have relevance with respect to computers and people. This is broad and can include psychology topics because these topics bear weight on how people might interact with computers. Content that is deemed irrelevant shall be removed by an administrator.

II Prohibited content

1. Content with respect to the following shall not be permitted to be submitted to this wiki:

(i) Technophobia (e.g., irrational fear of technology based on conspiracy theories or misinformation),
(ii) Medical information (e.g, topics on SARS-CoV-2 or vaccine effectiveness)
(iii) Sexist, homophobic, transphobic and other discriminatory content (where the material is not incidental to a larger study),
(iv) Political commentary (e.g., defending political ideals even if based on computing topics),
(v) Commentary defending the use of computers or technology.
(vi) Reaction commentaries,
(vii) Responding to a particular article. This is no longer allowed. Content must be general in a topic,
(viii) Religious articles (except where it is incidental to a discussion about computers).
(ix) Technology ethics articles,
(x) Personal reflections or blog commentaries
(xi) Any content prohibited by the Miraheze Terms of Service, and
(xii) Any content this is unlawful in the United Kingdom.

Not safe for work content

2. Not safe for work content (NSFW) shall not be posted on ISTP COMPUTING (wiki) unless the owner of the wiki issues a directive to remove such restriction.

3. Notwithstanding any powers of the owner, no NSFW content shall be posted to the main page.

4. The Miraheze Terms of Service shall be adhered to at all times and no unlawful content in the United Kingdom (UK) shall be posted.

III Powers to be preserved

Nothing in this policy shall be interpreted to restrict the powers and privileges conferred onto administrators by the Content Review Policy.

IV Actions

If prohibited content is determined to exist, an administrator may perform the following action(s):

  • If the material is within the Miraheze Terms of Service, the administrator may edit the article to correct the content.
  • Delete an article that is prohibited and limit the capacity for it to be restored,
  • Request for the user to be banned for serious violations
  • The administrator shall not fail to take action. In some cases, good content may be kept if the owner deems it is relevant or useful.