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The Privacy Policy (this policy) governs how ISTP Computing uses your personal information and what information is collected. By using our services, you hereby agree with these terms. You also give consent for your (personal) information to be used and transmitted in the manner described in this policy.

I Incorporation

1. The Privacy Policy shall be incorporated into the Miraheze Privacy Policy.

2. This policy shall be an extension to the Miraheze Privacy Policy.

II Data collection

1. The following sources of potentially personal information may be collected and stored by ISTP Computing (this wiki):

Data we must collect

  • Internet Protocol (IP) address: Your public IP address is stored on a database in the United Kingdom and may be accessible to ISTP Computing administrators or Miraheze staff. This is needed to keep track of edits. In the absence of a registered account, your IP address will be made publicly available in the history logs of any article you edit on ISTP Computing (this wiki).
  • Your account password: A password is needed to secure your account. It is stored in a secure form and the text cannot be easily decoded from the securely stored password. The password shall only be used for logging into the wiki.
  • Country: It is possible to estimate your likely country from your public IP address. Your country is not stored in any database, however (unless you provide it through some other means).

Data we may collect if you provide it

  • Real name: If you provide your real name at sign up, it may be stored along with profile data in Miraheze infrastructure. While it is possible to delete information, it may be technically impractical to completely remove your real name. Your real name, if provided, is used to identify you in forum posts (on Miraheze). ISTP Computing uses your real name for no purpose.
  • Email address: If you create an account, you may choose to provide an email address. This is strictly used for wiki-related maintenance purposes such as resetting your account. We do not use the email for any other purpose.
  • Other profile information: Any other profile information is saved in your account. Typically, the data is stored on a series of databases controlled by Miraheze. It is strictly used only for wiki-related maintenance operations or for identifying you in Miraheze forum posts.
  • User contributions: Any user contributions (i.e, text, images, audio clips and other files) shall constitute wiki content. This information shall become publicly available and shall be free to copy and reuse (subject to copyright restrictions). As a result, ISTP Computing cannot guarantee the secure storage, distribution or deletion of user contribution content.

III Transfer to other countries

Data is stored on Miraheze servers within the United Kingdom, in archived media, in unspecified locations on the Internet and in content distribution networks (CDNs). Personal data, such as that, committed with your profile is stored on Miraheze's servers in the United Kingdom (UK). User content may be stored in various, unspecified locations and media (such as audio and images) may be cached and stored in content distribution networks including Cloudflare. Public data may be captured and archived by any person for archival purposes.

User contributions

User contributions content (such as text, images, videos and other uploaded files) may be shared or stored by any user for any lawful and copyrighted purpose including archiving and backups. If you do not want your personal information to appear anywhere on the Internet, do not upload it as wiki content. It is not technically feasible to screen all content before it is posted.

Cloudflare and content-distribution systems

ISTP Computing wiki content may be stored at several geographical locations to improve performance. This includes using content distribution systems (such as CloudFlare) to cache images that you choose to upload to this wiki. Further, ISTP Computing may opt to use external data storage providers to store some or all wiki content (such as text or uploaded images). These providers are typically outside the United Kingdom (UK) and are controlled by external countries such as the United States. All wiki content, due to being released under the Creative Commons license, is subject to reuse and typically unconstrained distribution.

Migration to other providers

You hereby agree to consent for your information to be transferred to another country or region for the purposes of migrating to another provider, or for configuring a mirror of this wiki in another country or region.

IV Deletion of your data

In cases where your data is collected and stored, ISTP Computing will take necessary steps to remove your personal information upon request. This excludes wiki contributions or any other data that you have made public.

V Selling data

Under no circumstances will ISTP Computing sell, rent or disclose any of your personal information (excluding that you intentionally and knowing made public) to third parties.

Nothing in this article shall prevent ISTP Computing from disclosing information that is subject to a court order or warrant.

Nothing in this article shall allow ISTP Computing to disclose private information that is protected from disclosure by law.