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Any content posted to ISTP COMPUTING (this wiki) shall be subject to the content review policy (this policy), to the Acceptable Use Policy and to the Miraheze Terms of Service. Posted content is subject to this policy and to the Miraheze Terms of Service. The latter shall prevail over the former in the event of a conflict. By posting content, you agree with the terms set fourth in this policy. It may be reviewed and edited under this policy.

Content submitted to this wiki becomes subject to the same copyright license of this wiki, and you acknowledge that it may be edited or removed at will (subject to this policy).

I Ownership

1. ISTP COMPUTING shall appoint a person who has total control of the wiki and this person shall be vested with ownership and control over the wiki. The owner shall be the person who:

  • (i) Requested for the wiki to be created, or
  • (ii) Who opened the wiki on this website (if hosted outside of Miraheze servers),
  • (iii) Acquired ownership through Miraheze wiki adoption procedures, or
  • (iv) Has been delegated as the owner by the current owner of the wiki.

2. The owner shall be vested with the following powers:

  • (i) To impose a limitation on who can contribute to the wiki (if anyone),
  • (ii) To impose technical measures, subject to Miraheze Terms of Service, to limit who can edit the wiki,
  • (iii) To direct for a user, or group of users to be prevented from editing the wiki,
  • (iv) To provide an exception to content under the policy (but subject to the Miraheze Terms of Service),
  • (v) To order the editing or removal of content,
  • (vi) To perform editing actions or impose technical measures (subject to the Miraheze Terms of Service) to enforce their powers under this section.

3. The owner shall perform the duties of an administrator in the absence of a user or person to perform such a role.

4. An administrator shall hold the role at the discretion of the owner, and may be removed as an administrator by the owner.

II Administrators

1. To ensure that this policy is enforced, ISTP COMPUTING (this wiki)'s administrators shall be conferred with powers of review, and discretionary powers to remove, edit or otherwise alter submitted content with respect to:

  • i) Deletion of articles,
  • (ii) Moving of articles,
  • (iii) Deletion of, or trimming of sentences,
  • (iv) Removal of sentences, paragraphs or other content, or
  • (v) Imposition of technical measures to prevent editing of the wiki by non-approved persons.

2. An administrator shall not act in any manner contrary to a directive given by the owner under article I (unless a prevailing policy empowers the administrator to perform such act).