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Malware (short for "malicious software") is any software designed with the intention of disrupting, damaging, encrypting or harming computer systems in an unauthorised manner.


Attack vectors

Attack Vectors are the means by which malware infects a computer. Typically, there is software designed to stop malware from infecting a computer or network. Programmers write software to intentionally disable or circumvent these mechanisms.

Prevention and mitigation

The ongoing threats posed by malicious software (malware) requires technical knowledge to help mitigate against malware-based attacks. It is not possible to prevent a malware attack. The sad reality is that malware infections will occur. It is only a matter of when. Therefore, industry and computer users must be prepared to respond to them when they occur. The aim is to protect data from loss, protect data from unauthorised leakage and to limit infrastructure down time. Recovery may also involve a forensic component.