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The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is based loosely on the real world government organization with the same name. FEMA in both the real world and in Deus Ex is an agency of the US Department of Homeland Security that was created by Presidential Order on 1 April 1979. Like in the real world, FEMA is tasked with handling responses to natural and domestic disasters within the United States, arguably making FEMA among one of the most influential organizations in Deus Ex. In Deus Ex, FEMA is directed by Majestic 12 augmented agent, Walton Simons, who uses his position as FEMA director to take control of the U.S government under the false pretense of "terrorism". For instance, after the Statue of Liberty bombing, FEMA were able to take control of the government and authorize the establishment of the UNATCO Headquarters on Liberty Island.

The transcripts of conversations in Deus Ex reveal that an unnamed Senator is infected with the plague and will be promised Ambrosia to treat the plague, if he appoints Walton Simons the director of FEMA.[1] As a result, Simons is appointed to the position. It is made evident that Majestic 12 were coercing governments and people in powerful positions to obey their wishes should they want Ambrosia for the plague.

FEMA is a tool used by Majestic 12 to implement a New World Order. Throughout Deus Ex, FEMA takes an unusually aggressive stance against terrorism and rioting in cities such as New York.


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