Hong Kong Soldier

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Hong Kong Soldier
Personal Details
NameHong Kong Soldier
Non-Augmented Human

A Hong Kong soldier is a commissioned soldier of the Hong Kong paramilitary police-style organization and are generally armed with pepper spray and assault guns to keep order in Wan Chai. Typically, Hong Kong soldiers protect civilians in well-populated areas like the Lucky Money Club and the Wan Chai Market. When an armed attack on the Lucky Money Club takes place, HK soldiers attempted to keep order, often advising tourists accordingly to ensure their safety.

One particular HK soldier has contacts with rogue triad affiliate, Tracer Tong. Tong reportedly advises him to investigate Maggie Chow due to speculation that she was involved in underhanded activities. Although the agent's investigation concludes that Maggie Chow had maliciously hidden the Dragon's Tooth Sword to engineer a civil war in Wan Chai, the evidence was deemed too insufficient by Gordon Quick to act upon and orders JC Denton to find and retrieve the Dragon's Tooth Sword from Ms Chow's Tonnaci Road apartment.