Paul Denton

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Paul Denton
Personal Details
NamePaul Denton
Nano-Augmented Clone
  • Light
  • InfoLink
  • Identification of Friend and Foe (IFF)
  • Nanite-growth (kill-switch)
Myers-Briggs TypeISTP[notes 1]

In Deus Ex, Paul Denton is the first nano-augmented human to be created and is dubbed, The Primary Unit by Bob Page. He is the first ever nano-augmented agent for UNATCO and was the base clone used to create his brother, JC Denton. Paul Denton was voiced by Jay Anthony Franke in both games. In 2052, Paul Denton would secretly work with the NSF convinced that UNATCO was a conspiracy controlled by Majestic 12. However, after JC Denton betrays UNATCO, it is unknown of what becomes of Paul Denton and some assume him to be dead. Though Paul, at least, canonically survives, it is unclear what his role is after JC Denton leaves Hong Kong.

Clone of JC Denton

Technically, JC Denton is a clone of Paul Denton, or at least, was created using Paul Denton's DNA as a base. It is evident, however, that JC Denton was not an exact clone of Paul Denton because Paul Denton's has base augmentations that JC does not necessarily possess and vice versa. The vast majority of JC Denton's augmentations are not available until they are installed using nanotech augmentation canisters with assistance of a medical bot. Until that happened, JC possessed few augmentations, except for a light and an InfoLink to communicate with UNATCO's base of operations.


Cloning assumes that the personality is not preserved, even if a full clone of a person is done. Due to this, JC and Paul's personalities differ significantly. For example, where JC is stolid and perfunctory, Paul is passionate and dedicated. Where JC is cold, Paul is empathetic and favors knocking out and incapacitating enemies rather than killing them. However, in a Jungian context, it is important to analyze why Paul Denton prefers rendering empathy to his enemies and it was the result of being a secret double agent for them, rather than heart felt empathy. It would seem that Paul Denton does not utilize conscious use of extraverted feeling. If he did, he would not have betrayed UNATCO so easily without suffering extreme guilt. Manderley's secretary, Janice Reed describes UNATCO as a family and she seems to be very hurt when JC and Paul Denton betray UNATCO, claiming that we were a little family. Yet, Paul Denton does not seem to have any guilt with his swift deflection from UNATCO. He even neglects to notify even his brother, JC Denton of his movements, leading JC and others to needlessly worry about him. Although considered timid and frequently mocked by UNATCO personnel, Paul Denton is capable of killing without a thought, such as killing a high profile UNATCO member when that member attempts to arrest him. This would suggest that Paul Denton was not necessarily the timid, empathetic and human-caring man that he was portrayed as.


Like his brother, JC Denton, Paul Denton is probably also an ISTP Myers Briggs personality type. This would also suggest that JC and Paul, despite having differing personalities share the same Jungian type preferences. The difference in personality is due to individual differences and function dynamics. Paul Denton is 7 years older than JC Denton and, by virtue of this fact, is more matured than JC Denton. He tends to use extraverted sensing in a more natural manner, compared to JC Denton, such as expressing an easy-going demeanor that JC Denton (as of yet) lacks.

Paul Denton also seems to have more confident use of Ni rather JC, often giving insights to JC Denton. For example, Paul Denton's contrasted dedication and focus, naturally esteems from his Introverted thinking and introverted intuition preferences (but can also indicate potential looping tendencies), perhaps even excessively behaving in an easy-going fashion to overcompensate for his excessive introverted tendencies (Ti-Ni loop). For example, he berates JC Denton for being too self-sufficient. When Paul speaks to JC at the 747, he becomes overly convinced that the conspiracy pertaining to MJ12 is true due to over trust of a maturing Ni function.

His Fe is limited at best. Throughout, his interaction with JC Denton, Paul Denton can sometimes express uncharacteristic whiny undertones and frequently declines help from JC Denton, such as when he tells JC Denton to abandon him by leaving the apartment via the bedroom window. If JC should insult or otherwise harm those whom Paul has allied with, Paul Denton will become transition from an easy going person into an irritated personality, even misusing Ti to label JC with an array of creative names.

In Invisible War

In the sequel, Deus Ex: Invisible War, he along with Tracer Tong co-founds ApostleCorp. This entity's main purpose is to develop improved nanotechnology to deal with the imperfect merger of JC and the Helios AI. It also holds interest in developing a universal nanite strain acceptable to all humans. Paul, however, is knocked into a coma after subjecting himself to experiments involving nanites, testing an incarnation of that improved nanotechnology. The perfected nanotech architecture within the character, administered to Paul, and to JC, can restore both. In the game, the player may choose to save or abandon Paul, and can also later join forces with him.


  1. This is the author's interpretation.

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