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Slogan"We make tomorrow look like yesterday"
Organization TypePrivate nanotechnology research firm
LocationWan Chai District, Hong Kong
H.K Shift SupervisorRichard Hundley
ReceptionistDestiny Savannah
Research Team

In Deus Ex, VersaLife (VL) is a multinational nanotechnology research firm and subsidiary of Page Industries that manufactures the Dragon's Tooth Sword and the nano-technological virus dubbed, The Gray Death using a universal constructor buried deep beneath ground in the Hong Kong Pacific RIM facility. VersaLife itself is controlled by Bob Page, who in turn, leads Majestic 12. VersaLife specialises in nanotechnology, nano-augmentations and genetic engineering. Denton comments that, "They're hiding more than nanotechnology down there" and would later discover that VersaLife is under the control of Majestic 12 and were responsible for (intentionally) creating the Gray Death using a universal constructor.

Hong Kong facilities

The VersaLife Corporation provides an urbane face and tends to very popular in Hong Kong by doing good things for the community. Its Hong Kong facility is cleared marked as such and is on display in a publicly accessible area in the Wan Chai district of Hong Kong, near the markets. Although, access to the VersaLife elevator is restricted to current employees, the VersaLife receptionist, Destiny Savannah seems unalarmed by the presence of strange, unfamiliar faces. For example, when the player, JC Denton approaches the receptionist, she acts calm and casual, implying visitors to the facility might be a common occurrence.

The first level of the VersaLife Hong Kong facility is the data entry facility and security is relaxed, despite the strict procedures. However, beneath the data entry facility is the Majestic 12 pacific RIM facility, a series of laboratories where a variety of experiments are carried out. This facility, unlike the data entry facility, is not relaxed. A group of heavily-augmented Majestic 12 troops are on constant patrol and threaten to pull the alarm the instant there is a sign of something out of place. The manager of the RIM facility is Dr. Harrison, who threatens to pull the alarm if the player causes mischief. The shift supervisor, Richard Hundley has authority to grant anyone access to the RIM facility, but this can be cancelled even without warning. The player, JC Denton can easily manipulate Hundley to provide access to the supposedly secure facility by corrupting him with a bribe of two thousand credits.

Data entry facility

JC Denton infiltrates the VersaLife data entry facility in Hong Kong on orders of Tracer Tong. There, the player meets the shift supervisor, Richard Hundley, a corrupt employee that can be persuaded to give access to the top secret research labs.[1]

Pacific RIM research facility

JC notices that VersaLife also conduct unethical experiments in secret labs, which are strictly off limits under the false pretense of "trade secrets". It is revealed that VersaLife also experiment with synthetic creatures, known as transgenics,. Some of these include Greasels, Grays, and Karkians.

In addition to these creatures, Bob Page claims that VersaLife created the protagonist, JC Denton, and his brother, Paul Denton. This is later proved by four cloning tubes in Area 51 that are labeled for JC, Paul, a clone of Walton Simons named Wade Walker, and Alex Denton. Alex Denton appears in the sequel to Deus Ex, Deus Ex: The Invisible War.


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