Walton Simons

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Walton Simons
Personal Details
NameWalton Simons
Nano-Augmented Clone
  • Light
  • InfoLink
  • Identification of Friend and Foe (IFF)
  • Nanite-growth (kill-switch)
  • Speed
  • Cloak
  • Ballistic Protection
Myers-Briggs TypeISTP[notes 1]

In Deus Ex, Walton Simons (WS), voiced by Tom Hall, is the third officially nano-augmented human after Paul Denton and JC, but with numerous firmware enhancements that provide him with an edge over JC. Walton Simons is a high-ranking member of the technological conspirator organization, Majestic 12 and in 2052, was appointed as the Director of FEMA due to coercion of an unnamed Senator by Bob Page.[1] In his role as FEMA Director, Simons exercises authority over UNATCO, including manipulating or bribing Joseph Manderley.


Walton Simons is a very powerful man in Washington, but prefers working where the action is. For example, Simons was the first higher-up on the scene after JC Denton's capture of NSF operatives in Battery Park.

Although augmented with numerous combat-aiding modifications, he claims that they are strictly for increased ability for work in FEMA disaster relief. He also travels with an escort of two or more Men in Black, and carries both a plasma rifle and a duplicate of the Dragon's Tooth Sword, which are both high-powered weapons with almost instantly lethal capabilities. When JC Denton betrays UNATCO, Walton Simons tries several unsuccessful attempts to assassinate JC Denton, but ultimately, fails. Despite being supposedly more augmented than JC Denton, JC manages to kill Walton Simons.


Walton Simons is a cloak-and-dagger man, who prefers getting things by done rather than sitting behind a desk. Due to this, he requires nano-augmentations to help him with his physical work. He has a high need for action and tends to be very impatient. For example, when interrogating two NSF prisoners, he eventually shoots them in the chest when they do not confess to the location of the Ambrosia vaccine. When JC Denton betrays UNATCO, Simons orders the troops to dispose of him because he "doesn't have the patience to wait for one of those damn kill switches to work".[2]

As well as being a skilled fighter, Simons is also a machiavellian politician, who uses his skills in intimidation to coerce and command his numerous underlings. This can be seen during his conversations with UNATCO head Joseph Manderley, a bureaucrat whom Simons has put in such a position of power due to his willingness to be ordered by MJ12.

Simons also has a tendency to continually charge his bio electric reserves, keeping them at 100% efficiency. This causes an intermittent sharp pain behind his eyes, but was advised by Dr. Jamie Reyes to only charge the reserves after they have been significantly drained. However, neither Paul Denton or JC complains of the burning pain behind their eyes, which suggests that maybe Simons is more of a whiner than is perceived.


Walton Simons, like Paul and JC Denton, is likely an ISTP Myers Briggs personality type. He is self-efficient; independent and a quicker thinker, who thinks on his feet. He is cold, lack compassion and seems overly impulsive due to his lack of patience or long-term planning. Walton Simons is likely an unhealthy ISTP type due to manipulation or brainwashing by Majestic 12. His functions, introverted intuition and extraverted sensing seem to be significantly underdeveloped. Simons prides himself on abilities and being better than JC Denton, despite never engaged in a fight with another nano-augmented human. Simons has a distorted idea of how the world works, but he lacks real life experience, such as keeping his bio-cells always charged and neglecting the need to properly manage his augmentations. To overcompensate for lack of confidence, Simons overindulges in Se. He is impulsive, forceful, uncaring and ultimately, uses his augmentations to look badass and intimidating. He even neglects how ugly his face has become through excessive augmentation and when JC Denton points this out to him, he simply becomes snobby by stating that he is the more advanced model, using his Ti and Ni to ignore the reality check. It is also likely that, while Simons, was perceived as a high-tech, brilliant fighting, his lack of Ti & Se development meant that he neglected the time to properly train and due to this, was defeated by JC Denton, whose training was superior.

Working for Page

While it is not clear why Simons works for Bob Page[1], it likely esteems from the outward charisma that Page seems to display. His ideology and knowledge draws Simons to him because Simons is stupid and lacks insight. For example, when Simons is discussing plans with Simons, Simons is concerned that riots in Paris may become out of control, but Page seems unafraid of that because his intent is not to contain the riots. The chaos created would create a power vacuum, whereby, Page would more easily seize global control. Also, Page's extensive access to technology means that Simons can get the cool augmentation he desperate craves to compensate for slanted Se development and to desperately look cool.


  1. This is the author's interpretation.


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